Ambassador Non Apropos


Fifteen former presidents of the American Foreign Service Association – not a bunch of wild-eyed radicals – have sent a letter to the US Senate opposing the appointment of Noah Mamet as Ambassador to Argentina, along with two other obviously political nominations.

Could they be referring to the fact that Mr. Mamet has never been to Argentina? Or that he, apparently, does not speak Spanish? And that his main recommendation is that he raised more than $500,000 for Obama’s most recent Presidential campaign? The former AFSA officials were eloquently straightforward:

“… the fact that they appear to have been chosen on the basis of their service in raising money for electoral campaigns, with minimal demonstrated qualifications for their posts, has subjected them to widespread public ridicule, not only in the US but also abroad. As a result, their effectiveness as US representatives in their host countries would be severely impaired from the start. Their nominations also convey a disrespectful message, that relations with the host country are not significant enough to demand a chief of mission with relevant expertise.”