02 May Charles Frazier

Then in awhile, convinced that Esco had indeed not yet got report of his culture’s central narrative, Monroe told the story of Christ from divine birth to bloody crucifixion. He included all the famous details and, while keeping it simple, he summoned all the eloquence he could. When he’d finished, he sat back waiting for a reaction.
Esco said, And you say this took place some time ago?
Monroe said, Two thousand years, if you consider that some time ago.
Oh, I’d call that a stretch all right, Esco said. He looked at his hands where they hung from the wrists.He flexed the fingers and looked at them critically as if trying the fitings of a new implement. he thought on the story awhile and then said, And what this fellow come down for was to save us?
– Yes, Monroe said.
– From our own bad natures and the like?
– And they still done him like they did? Spiked him up and knifed him and all?
– Yes indeed, Monroe said.
– But you say this story’s been passed around some hundred-score years? Esco said.
– Nearly.
– So to say, a long time.
– A very long time.
Esco grinned as if he had solved a puzzle and stood up and slapped Monroe on the shoulder ands said, Well, about all we can do is hope it ain’t so.